Top 10 Popular American Beauty Standards for Women

Beauty standards in the United States have changed drastically over the past few decades. This is largely due to the rise of mass media, fashion, and advertising. However, it’s not just changes in the way women are shown that have affected these beauty standards. The changing attitudes about what we should look like has also had a large impact on our perception of beauty.

These are 10 beauty standards that are most popular among American women today.


american beauty standards

Skinny is the most popular beauty standard among American women today. Skinny is often associated with young girls who have a thin frame. The term “skinny” has been used to describe someone who is too thin because of malnutrition and anorexia. This is not the case for most women, though. A woman may be considered skinny if she has a small waist and large hip measurements.


american beauty standards

One of these beauty standards is hair. Women have been trying to change their natural hairstyles over the past few decades, but the media has only recently started to show women with relaxed hair.

Hair can be a signifier for identity and self-expression, which is why people often want to change their hair.

In addition to this one, some other popular beauty standards are facial features, body type, makeup skills, and skin color.


american beauty standards

Lips in American beauty standards have evolved from the traditional “thin, small, and demure” to a more full-mouthed look with a prominent top lip. This is because women are now encouraged to not just wear lipstick but to wear red lipstick (the color of which has traditionally been reserved for men) as well.

Full lips have become an important part of what the standard of beauty looks like today. In fact, one study found that women are more likely to find a man attractive when his lips are full than when they’re thin. This may be due to the perception that thick-lipped men are more masculine.


american beauty standardsEyes are something that people tend to be most self-conscious about. One of the most popular rules for looking attractive is to have big, beautiful eyes. Some women go so far as to get eye injections in order to make their eyes appear larger and more appealing to potential suitors. This can lead people to feel that they need to enhance their appearance in other ways as well. For example, some women may choose to wear makeup or dress a certain way in order to appear more attractive than they really are.


The nose is also one of the most popular beauty standards among American women today. Women are often told not only what kind of nose they should have, but also how large or small it should be. This standard has become the norm because many women are insecure about their noses and will do anything that they can to make it smaller, thinner, or slimmer.

Face shape and size

american beauty standards

There are a variety of face shapes and sizes, but the most popular beauty standard is that women should have an oval or round face. Women who don’t fit this ideal often struggle to fit into their society’s standard of beauty. The other most common shape is the heart-shaped face.

 Body type

Body type is one of the most popular beauty standards for women in the United States. Women are typically classified as either anorexic or curvy, and these two body types have been found to be the most popular among American women.


These standards, though sometimes rigid, are a helpful tool in determining what you should be doing to look your absolute best.

While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there are some standards that are set in stone, and they should be followed. This is because they are universal. They are the 10 most popular beauty standards for American women. These beauty standards are: skin, hair, lips, eyes, face shape, size and body type. The list contains all the necessary information to help women get the best version of themselves by knowing what to do for each area.


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