Hyaluronic Acid For Healthy, Shiny Hair

Hyaluronic acid, or HA, is one of the most common components of our skin and hair, in addition to being found in a number of other tissues throughout the body. The substance plays an essential role in the health and vitality of hair, skin, and joints, but you may be wondering if there’s any benefit to adding an extra boost to your routine with the help of hyaluronic acid supplements or serums. Let’s take a look at what HA can do for your hair!

Hyaluronic Acid

What is hyaluronic acid (HA)?

Found naturally in our joints and skin, hyaluronic acid plays a huge role in keeping your hair strong and shiny. Just like you see on TV ads (and YouTube tutorials), HA is a humectant — it draws moisture from its surroundings into your hair shaft. This makes it great for restoring shine and softness after you’ve damaged your locks with harsh chemicals or improper techniques. Because so many of us are looking for a quick fix (after all, who wants to wait months for damaged hair to grow out?), we’re constantly searching for ways to add more HA into our diet.

Hyaluronic Acid

What Is The Connection Between HA And Shiny Hair?

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring compound in our bodies that helps give us healthy hair. The solution is really simple: apply an effective hyaluronic acid serum twice a day and enjoy your shiny, voluminous hair! In fact, some of our best-selling products use hyaluronic acid as their key ingredient. Our Anti-Aging Skin Smoothing Serum uses it to improve skin elasticity while our Intensive Wrinkle Treatment addresses crow’s feet and other signs of aging. We have so many great serums you can try before you decide on one – feel free to order more than one bottle of your favorite product when you shop for your HA serum!

Hyaluronic Acid

How Do You Use Hyaluronic Acid To Get Shiny Hair?

It’s fairly simple. Just rub it into your scalp and hair as if you were shampooing! Wash away with regular shampoo once a week. That’s it! Using hyaluronic acid in conjunction with your usual hair routine is a great way to improve your results. ​As we get older, our scalps start producing less and less natural hyaluronic acid on their own. By rubbing it directly onto our scalps and into our hair (and even rubbing a little bit into our hands for use during styling), we can help keep things healthy naturally!

How Much Does Hyaluronic Acid Cost?

The price of HA varies depending on where you get it and in what form. Costs will range from $10 per gram to $90 per gram or more. The size of a typical use is roughly 0.2 grams; that’s about 1/50th of a teaspoon, which means it costs about $1.50 for a single treatment for your face and neck area. If you plan on incorporating HA into your skincare routine on a regular basis (once every two weeks), you’ll save money by purchasing from local beauty stores like Sephora and Ulta or online at sites like Amazon and iHerb . These are reputable stores and products with known ingredients will cost more than knock-offs.

Tips For Using Hyaluronic Acid To Get Healthy Hair.

Before you start rubbing hyaluronic acid on your head, there are a few important things you should know. For one thing, you don’t want to use it on your scalp all over; that can actually clog your pores and make hair loss worse. Instead, rub it into areas of thinning hair or thinning hair around your entire scalp. It’s best if you also use it alongside other treatments like minoxidil (Rogaine) or finasteride (Propecia). As for what kind of hyaluronic acid product you should buy—there are lots of options available but skin serums tend to work really well for people with thinning hair.


Where Can You Buy Hyaluronic Acid Online?

Most brands that make products containing hyaluronic acid also offer them on their websites. But if you’re looking for purer ingredients, you may want to purchase them elsewhere. Your local beauty supply store should have a few options available (though they might be more expensive). Though you can’t buy it at every drugstore or supermarket, Amazon does sell a bottle of Paula’s Choice 2% AHA Gel Exfoliant for $16.35 in its online store. There are also some purer options available through Etsy and eBay as well as from third-party sellers on Amazon. They may not last as long or come with a money-back guarantee but may end up saving you some extra cash in the long run by cutting out any added fillers or preservatives.

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