Environmental Hazards: Best Ways To Protect Skin

The harmful effects of the sun can be found on everyone’s skin, whether you live in the tropics or not. If you spend any amount of time outside, you need to understand what the environmental hazards are and how to protect your skin in order to prevent damage that could appear later on in life. Our article will show you what these environmental hazards are and how to protect your skin from them effectively.

How Sun Exposure Affects Your Skin

Overexposure to UV radiation from sun exposure and tanning beds can lead to premature aging of the skin, a condition known as photoaging. Long-term UV exposure is also linked with higher rates of skin cancer. Fortunately, keeping your skin safe doesn’t mean that you have to spend every waking moment indoors. Here are some simple ways you can reduce sun exposure and still enjoy life outside Use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 every day when you go outside, even on cloudy days and in winter when it’s cold. Apply at least 15 minutes before going outside, and reapply every two hours while outdoors or after swimming or sweating a lot.


What Is UV Radiation

UV radiation is invisible light that comes from sunlight and other sources, such as tanning beds. It causes skin damage and has been linked to melanoma, a serious form of skin cancer. Before you head out into any kind of environmental hazard—whether it’s natural or man-made—it’s important to understand UV radiation and how it works. Here are five things you should know about protecting yourself against UV radiation.

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How Much Sun Exposure Is Too Much?

If you’re going out in direct sunlight, it’s important to remember that sun protection is not just a matter of applying sunscreen; wearing proper clothing, staying in shaded areas and using hats are all part of protecting yourself from environmental hazards. Sunscreen can only do so much. It’s best if you don’t go out during peak hours (10am-4pm) and always keep an eye on how intense your light source is–the brighter, the more precautions you should take. If at all possible, avoid midday sun altogether by scheduling outdoor activities for early morning or late afternoon when sunlight levels are at their lowest.

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What Are The Risks?

Overdoing it in the sun can increase your risk of developing everything from age spots and wrinkles to melanoma, a form of skin cancer. To prevent UV damage, keep track of these tips Sunscreen – If you know you’ll be spending time outdoors (even in an area with lots of shade), make sure you have a good sunscreen on hand. Reapply every two hours or more often if you’re swimming or sweating; waterproof SPF 15 is ideal for active folks. Even if it’s cloudy out, sunscreen provides protection against UVB rays because they pass through clouds. (UV-A rays don’t.) The higher an SPF number, the more protection you get—up to a point.

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Tips For Protecting Your Skin From Environmental Hazards

When working or playing outside, remember that UVA rays can still harm you even on cloudy days. Wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 will help minimize UV damage. If you’re going out, apply it 30 minutes before you head out so it has time to absorb into your skin. Reapply every two hours when spending extended periods of time in direct sunlight. And reapply immediately after swimming or sweating. You may want to consider a water-resistant formula for hot summer days when you’ll be sweating more than usual and might want a little extra protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Also consider seeking shade whenever possible. Wearing sunglasses with ultraviolet A and B protection helps too. And don’t forget about eye cream specifically formulated for daytime use!


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