Ear Piercing Tips That Everyone Should Know

For most people, ear piercing is something that you do only once or twice in your life and then never think about again; after all, how many adults do you know who have their ears pierced? On the other hand, if you’re under the age of twelve, it’s entirely possible that you are thinking about getting your ears pierced right now or will in the near future.

To Pierce or Not to Pierce?

Ear piercing is a personal decision that many don’t take lightly. For some people, it’s something they wanted as soon as they were old enough. Others get their ears pierced as an adult after careful consideration. And for others still, it’s not in their cards at all and that’s fine too! When deciding whether or not to get your ears pierced, just make sure you think about what you want and try to steer clear of external influences—at least until you come up with a final decision on your own.

Pick Your Earrings Wisely

The typical cost of a pair of earrings that you wear to work or school is $20-$50, and these types of earrings can also be worn on special occasions. It may not seem like much at first glance, but if you consider how many times you’ll wear them in your lifetime, it becomes pretty obvious how expensive they really are. There are many options out there, including traditional studs and more elaborate pieces that come with gems or diamonds.

How Much Does It Hurt?

ear piercing

It depends. Some report little to no pain, while others say it’s absolutely excruciating. The best bet is to head to an experienced professional and let them handle it; they know how to use proper piercing tools, which sterilize your ear with an antiseptic solution, and how much pressure to apply without causing too much pain. This will all make for a less-hurtful experience in general. And if it still hurts, you can call them out on their unprofessionalism (and pay another place a visit).

Clean It Regularly

Your piercer will likely clean your ear with an antiseptic wipe before piercing, but it’s a good idea to ask how and when you should keep your piercing clean at home. Most piercers recommend cleaning it with sea salt solution (half a teaspoon of salt in two cups of water) twice a day for three days; if that’s not available, use warm water and antibacterial soap. After three days, switch to using just water once or twice a day until you take out your jewelry.

Make An Appointment With A Professional Piercer

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The first thing you need to do when you pierce your ears is to make an appointment with a professional piercer. While you can find a piercer at most jewelry stores, it’s best to have someone who specializes in piercing handle your job. Why? Because they have more experience and training than general jewelers.

Is It Safe?

The actual process of piercing is safe. However, many people who pierce their ears do not follow aftercare instructions and end up with a bad experience as a result. Even earrings that are properly made and cared for can cause problems if worn too tightly or for too long at a time. Follow care instructions to ensure safety and comfort during healing.

 Make Sure They Give You Aftercare Instructions

Aftercare instructions will be different for each ear piercing. For example, you can’t use hydrogen peroxide on an ear piercing by using a gun. To avoid irritating your ears and causing swelling, make sure they give you clear aftercare instructions. If they don’t offer to do so (or if they seem hesitant to provide details), ask what steps to take after having a hole pierced—the answers should be right on point.

Aftercare and Healing

ear piercing

You should use an antibiotic ointment such as Neosporin for a few days. Then switch to a fragrance-free, alcohol-free moisturizer to keep them from drying out. Some doctors recommend that you soak in water at a warm temperature—98–102 degrees Fahrenheit is optimal—to speed up healing time; some may suggest wrapping your earrings in gauze overnight while you still insert them if they’re feeling itchy or uncomfortable. Either way, don’t remove your earrings until completely healed.


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