4 Skincare Myths You Need To Stop Believing

If you’re at all like me, you’ve been guilty of believing every skincare myths you’ve ever heard about skincare and maintaining healthy skin, no matter how ridiculous it was. Whether it was something you heard from your mom or saw in an advertisement on TV, there’s probably something you still believe that simply isn’t true. In this blog, I’ll discuss four common skincare myths and what the reality behind them actually is. You might be surprised!

1) Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it’s safe

Many people make the mistake of thinking that because a product is natural it’s automatically safe for their skin. While it’s true that natural products are generally milder, they still can contain harmful chemicals, preservatives, and artificial coloring. Read labels carefully and try to stay away from fragrances or anything with an ingredient list you can’t pronounce or haven’t heard of before. When in doubt, consult your dermatologist. The truth will set you free: Once you know better, you can do better when it comes to skincare.

2) The more expensive something is, the better it works

Skincare Myths

This is definitely a myth. Just because you’re paying a lot for something doesn’t mean it’s good or that it works well; in fact, lots of expensive products can actually damage your skin more than help it. To avoid wasting money on skincare products that aren’t good for your skin, do some research and make sure they won’t cause any issues before buying them. Also, when you’re looking at price, don’t just look at how much something costs but also how much product you get (there’s no point spending $80 on a cleanser if it’s only 50ml). When shopping around for skincare products, consider buying from drugstores—you’ll get more bang for your buck there.

3) Do what your dermatologist says

Although your dermatologist may be a great source of skincare advice, don’t let them be your only one. Many of these doctors rely on their team – i.e., pharmaceutical representatives – and will recommend products that actually have nothing to do with what they saw in your skin at your last appointment. As a general rule, most dermatologists are very honest and well-meaning, but keep in mind that you always have a choice when it comes to which products you use on your skin! Keep an open mind about other people’s suggestions, and then make an informed decision based on what makes sense for you personally. Your doctor can help you get started – but after that, it’s up to you!

4) The only way to stop aging is plastic surgery

Skincare Myths

When you start breaking down all of these skincare myths, you realize that a lot of them are just silly. And that brings us to one of the silliest ones on our list—the idea that plastic surgery can stop aging. While it’s true that plastic surgery can definitely help, it doesn’t actually prevent wrinkles and sagging skin; all it does is alter how we see those things. Facelifts and cosmetic injections may be able to smooth out a wrinkle or even add fullness back into your skin, but they don’t have any effect on your skin cell turnover—and so they won’t actually slow down aging at all.


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