10 Easy Fixes For Cracked Heels

Cracked heels are not just ugly, they can be painful and even dangerous. If left untreated, cracks in the heel can develop into deep fissures that could take months to heal and cause permanent damage to the skin. Fortunately, many cracked heel treatments are available, ranging from homemade solutions that cost little or nothing to expensive products you can buy at the pharmacy or online. Here are 10 easy fixes for cracked heels that should help you get rid of those unsightly cracks in no time at all!

1) Soak Your Feet

cracked heels

If you have cracked heels and are wondering how to get rid of cracked heels, it’s easy. Just soak your feet in warm water with a little bit of sea salt and olive oil. Then, when your feet are nice and soft, use a pumice stone or grater to rub off all that dead skin. The pumice stone will give you more even results, but be careful not to overdo it. You don’t want any open wounds!

2) Exfoliate Dead Skin

cracked heels

Our feet experience a lot of wear and tear, so we can easily develop cracked heels. Exfoliating your feet regularly can help prevent cracking by removing dead skin from your heels. Using a pumice stone is effective, but you may also consider using a foot scrub or soap before each shower, which will soften your heels as well.

3) Moisturize Correctly

cracked heels

One of the most important things you can do to prevent cracked heels is to keep your feet moisturized. This is good advice, but there’s a catch: not all moisturizers are created equal. Before you reach for that bottle of foot cream, ask yourself what you want from your foot care products. If hydration is your priority, look for products with emollients, like jojoba oil or shea butter.

4) Use The Right Cleanser

cracked heels

Your feet are exposed to a lot of abuse during a normal day, traffic, contamination and sweat, to name a few—and it’s essential that you keep them clean if you want them to look healthy. One of the best ways to clean your feet thoroughly is by investing in a pumice stone or foot file. Rubbing your heels with one of these tools once a week helps remove dead skin and calluses—and can also help keep cracked heels at bay.

5) Wear Sandals More Often

If you wear sandals regularly, your cracked heels might not be as noticeable. Also, if you always wear closed-toe shoes or sneakers, it can cause cracks in your heel. In fact, any foot injury that cuts off circulation will result in dry skin and cracked heels. Therefore, wearing sandals more often might help alleviate dry skin around your feet.

6) Stay Away From High Heels

cracked heels

Wearing high heels is a popular trend among women, but it can also cause cracked heels. Stilettos and other fashionable shoes can put pressure on your foot and cause your heel to split open. To prevent cracked heels from wearing high heels, wear softer soled shoes instead. Additionally, make sure to moisturize before bed each night with a thick cream that has urea in it to help soften your skin. Be sure to wear socks at night as well.

7) Add Coconut Oil To Your Diet

Keep a jar of coconut oil around and use it in place of other fats or oils. Coconut oil is extremely moisturizing, so it will help to heal dry skin by adding some much-needed moisture. Additionally, since it’s solid at room temperature, you can rub it directly onto your heels before bed. This will help lock in moisture while you sleep and make your skin feel better when you wake up.

8) Wear Socks At Night

cracked heels

Sleeping with socks on is a great way to avoid cracked heels because it keeps your feet covered, which is easier on your skin than walking around in bare feet. If you’re out at night, try to keep your shoes on so that you don’t walk home with cracked heels from being in high heels all day.

9) Use Peeling/Scrubbing Foot Pads

cracked heels

Don’t pick your skin, but you can use pads on your feet to scrub off dead skin. Just make sure to avoid getting them too close to your toes, as they could accidentally remove some of that too! This is a great way to exfoliate and clean out old skin before applying moisturizer. Make sure you replace them every couple months or so, as they can eventually lose their ability to work properly.

10) Baking Soda Works Wonders

Baking soda is a chemical exfoliant. It’s abrasive enough to remove dead skin cells but won’t harm healthy ones. Mix a little bit of water with it and apply to your feet using a pumice stone or a soft brush, then rinse and pat dry. Not only will your feet be soft, they’ll be smoother too!


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